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  • Windows 10, 8 & 7 - We can troubleshoot mal functioning systems; such as non booting Windows, crashes or lock-ups. Furthermore we can also upgrade or reinstall the operating systems sometimes even if you have lost your original factory recovery programs or they are simply not available or damaged. Device driver upgrades can be done as well as restoration of some normal default system settings and configurations. System migrations can be dealt with as well.



  • VIRUS & SPYWARE REMOVAL - With the advent of high speed internet it is incredibly easy to get infected with malwares within a short period of time without proper protection. Even systems with some level of protection are still vulnerable due to the increasing number & complexity of the threats on the net. In fact your systems could already be exposed to these nasty bugs with inadequate protection. You might not notice their presence since they are not detected & reported. Stealthily they snoop on highly critical and confidential data that can be at risk & be compromised (we are not trying scare mongering tactics but this is the reality & actual fact which we have come across with the Pc users in the past). These malwares come uninvited into your pc & could also pretend to be security programs alerting you of "fake" infection messages. They popup annoyingly in the screen foreground with relentless attempt to dupe into purchasing the (decoy) software to clean the bogus infection (and thereby obtaining your card details).
    If you are suspicious of your computer's activity, give us a call so we can check it and thoroughly clean it up for you with our arsenal of utilities.


  • INTERNET & EMAIL ISSUES - Do you get annoyed with your browser or with popups or unwanted toolbars? Homepage hijacked and pages not displaying well or perhaps sites loading slowly? Can't login into secure sites or Flash & Java issues? Emails not sending or receiving? Our technicians can address & fix these problems for you and can also show how they did it. We can also backup & import your bookmarks, inbox and addresses. Moreover if you have got spam problem, we can help you in putting controls to tackle and reduce the number of unsolicited messages.


  • WIRELESS NETWORKS SETUP - With Broadband & multiple Pc's at home, it is ever more common now to link systems wirelessly to share resources with ease. We provide total solution for implementing wireless networks at your premises from supplying the required infrastructure to securely locking the network from unauthorized access (blocking intruders). If you already have wireless network installed but are having problems either with the weak signals or other issues we can provide you with a solution that is best suited to your situation


  • BROADBAND INSTALLATIONS - We can setup & configure your broadband package be it cable (Virgin) or Phone line based adsl. If you have got problems with dsl "sync" or signal dropouts or low speed, we can cross check your settings and isolate the fault if it is internal. If we believe the fault is likely to be on the ISP side (external) then we can also assist you in reporting the issue to them on your behalf & help you resolve it where possible. We talk to them in their terminology after conducting the various checks (required by them beforehand) and request them to run tests from their side to eliminate problems.
    From our experience it is often a daunting challenge for customers to explain and convince the telecom companies that the technical fault lies on their side. We can confront the ISPs with the hard facts (from our internal tests and checks) and generally make them accept they are now responsible to pursue a solution. Not only you could end up spending hours on the phone with them and pay bills on the premium number but more often also end up frustrated after being snubbed.


  • DATA RETRIEVAL - Is your data trapped on a faulty pc or a laptop and do you need access to it? Many people dread at the thought that their valuable data could be lost but we can help you recover your data even if your system doesn't boot into windows or worse still if it is infected by virus or the machine simply doesn't turn on. We have got tools & utilities that can even try to read erased or formatted disks be it your hard drive or Flash disks such as usb or SD memory. If you want to move your profile from one pc to another such as migrating from old computer to the new one, we can do that for you.


  • HEALTH CHECKS - Windows over time can become sluggish & less responsive compared to the original new setup. We can optimize the system & fine tune it by cleaning temporary files plus tweak lot of other windows settings to boost the performance. We can check for any system errors that can be potentially fatal and advise of any remedial solutions needed. We can also tidy up your pc wiring & dust up the system internals including screen, keyboard and mouse.


  • UPGRADES & INSTALLATIONS - We can do hardware upgrades such as memory, processors, hard drives, optical drives, graphic cards and others like sound cards network adaptors plus usb cards amongst many more. Software programs can be installed and upgraded such as security programs, Windows, Ms Office and others.


  • SOFTWARE & HARDWARE REPAIRS - Other general issues can be fixed like non powering systems, overheating, fan and noise problems. Also other software and printing errors can be dealt with


  • PC & PERIPHERALS SALES - Our engineers carry good selection of stock items with them, so please feel free to discuss your requirements. Our prices are quite competitive and comparable to high street stores like Maplin & Pc World. Moreover consider the convenience of having the item on demand at the spot without any effort or downtime plus the peace of mind that it is covered by our 1 year guarantee and that it is installed professionally ! Now that's value for money.